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Waupaca Foundry Contractor Approval

New Contractor Safety Requirements

  1. New contractors must complete All listed requirements.

  2. Returning contractors currently approved for work at WF can maintain their approved status by uploading a Certificate of Liability Insurance ONLY.
    No other training is required.

NOTE: You must enter your company's full, legal name on all items (include 'Inc.', 'LLC', etc.)

Safety Training and the Contractor Environmental, Health & Safety Record

  1. Complete the Safety Training via Survey Monkey
  2. Enter your training verification code from the last page of the Safety Training.

    Training Verification Code accepted.

  3. Complete the online Contractor Environmental, Health & Safety Record Form.

    Not available until the Safety Training is complete and the training verification code is entered above.

Contractor Agreement Form

Print the Contractor Agreement Form. Verify that the document name is "2.10.2020_Contractor Agree Form HSF 4-4.4.2-3-saf.pdf".

If you are seeing an older version, use these steps to clear your cache and try again.

Have it hand signed by an authorized representative from your company.

Scan and upload the signed copy below.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Upload a copy of your Drug and Alcohol Policy below.

Updated Certificate of Liability Insurance

Request an updated copy of your Certificate of Liability Insurance from your insurance provider.
Provide to them a copy of this Insurance Requirements Document which explains what is required.

Upload the Certificate below or follow the email instructions in the Insurance Requirements Document.